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Way Good Food Truck

Way Good Food says it all in the name – We are a straightforward, sincere and creative company with dynamic menus that offer high-quality food at reasonable prices.

Way Good Food, LLC: Sisters Karen and Kathryn Fergus partnered in 2013 to create a catering company and food truck that would allow them to utilize their skills, standards of quality and service and their passion for food, to provide delicious food to the community they live in and love.

Within our company, we have our Food Truck – Way Good SERVA-TERIA, where there is something for everyone. To keep it interesting, there are always specials and seasonal selections, and some of the menu items are chef’s pick and change often. We have been trying a lot of differen't things, and invite you to check out how we slice and serve sushi!

We also have Way Good Catering, and offer a variety of options for every occasion and can tailor menus to fit any needs. Did you know we're active in the community too? We volunteer for hedge cleanup around the city every year!